TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry

Even though St. Thomas is a United States territory, it is still an "overseas" trip, and most flights to the island, as well as its sisters (St. Croix and St. John) and its cousin (Puerto Rico), all stop in Miami. Miami Airport, as well as its shipping ports, can be crazy busy with people from the Caribbean, South America and other southernmost regions stopping there for US entry. So, to help my trip run a little smoother, I decided to acquire my TSA Pre-Check status.


Well, actually, I wanted access to Global Entry, but when I arrived at the recommended processing location, they informed me they only handle TSA Pre-Check. Since I was already there and had already gone though the fingerprinting process and all of that, I decided to just go for it, and apply for Global Entry a little later when I have definite plans to visit another country.

Right now, this will do.

It was quick and easy and cost $85. I was sure to bring my birth certificate, driver's license, and several of my marriage certificates as proof of name change. I also brought my old passport, just in case, but since it was expired, my birth certificate sufficed.

After going through the fingerprinting and verification process, I paid and received a conformation email. Next, I was receive an email that will let me know when my Known Traveler Number is ready, and then, I will add that to my ticket!

travelElisabeth Ovesen