Our Travel Prep List

As I write this, I am just one week away from my trip to St. Thomas and I am so very excited to be leaving Los Angeles and flying into the arms of my grandmother. It has been so long since I have left this town, much less the continent, and I have high hopes for this excursion back to my homestead. Still, I am trying not to over-plan, as I don't want to ruin the kind of magic that can happen when one lets life flow. I am not making too many plans for my stay on the island, but I am making plans for my departure.


Preparation is Key

I am a natural planner and over-thinker. This comes in handy, but it can also take all the fun out of everything. So, I am doing my very best to make just a few plans while being prepared –– if that's a thing. To help me stay organized, I decided to develop a list of things that need to be done in the next week, before I take off for the Caribbean. Naturally, my list of "just a few things" carried over from a yellow Post-It to an all-out spread sheet! You can download my Travel Prep List here.

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