The Perfectly Packed Suitcase

I hate the way most people pack. That’s a fact. I’m pretty sure I have a low-grade form of OCD, and I am obssessed with my version of perfection. It’s a whole thing. So, when packing for my trip to St. Thomas, I spared no over preparation. 


I’ll be gone for about a week, so, when planning my wardrobe, I kept that in mind. First, I made sure everything was in the same basic color scheme, which isn’t hard to do, since most everything I buy is either black, white, cream, gray, or blue.  So, I packed...

  • Dark blue jeans
  • Medium blue jeans  
  • Light blue jeans
  • White jeans
  • Black bodysuit
  • Gray bodysuit
  • White bodysuit  
  • Gray flowing tank
  • Black flowing tank
  • White tee shirts
  • Gray tee shirts
  • White linen jacket  
  • Beige and blue pinstriped vest
  • Light blue linen tunic
  • White linen tunic
  • Beige and white dress  
  • Navy blue dress

And that’s just in the main compartment! Everything was tightly rolled and tightly packed. On top of those neat rows of rolls, I lightly folded the two dresses, which I plan to wear to church. 


With the bulk of my wardrobe planned and packed, I used to secondary compartment of my suitcase for shoes — one pair of sneakers, one pair of flip-flops, and a pair of heels to go with my church dresses. Also in this compartment, I packed undies and socks in separate lingerie bags, a bathing suit, sarong, and other miscellaneous items I’ll be needing throughout my time away. This suitcase is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment, so I won’t have to check it, which I do my best to avoid — especially when having to change planes .

Lastly, I packed my backpack, which will go under the seat in front of me, once I get onto the plane. This is where I put anything that is precious, expensive, or that might be necessary during my flight. So, my computer, phone, wallet, DLSR camera, jewelry, and toiletry kit go into the backpack. I never pack such things in a suitcase, even if it can fit in the overhead, just in case I am asked to check my bag for some reason. I need all my valuables and toiletries with me!


travelElisabeth Ovesen