Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas, USVI

For my birthday, I took a taxi down to Sapphire Beach, where I was met by a completely different kind of shore from that of Magens Bay, and I didn’t have much hope for my time spent there...until. 

Before I get to the fun part, I must say, the bar at Sapphire Beach isn’t as lively as the one at Magens, and the drinks aren't as effective and delicious — atleast not on this day. Still, I wasn’t going to deny the free drinks being sent my way by the team of statesiders-turned-islanders who saw fit to be responsible for my good time. After all, it takes a village. 


So, over the next several hours, the bar became more fun. I met a few pretty interesting people, like the 33-year-old guy who gave up on his career as a firefighter, sold most of his things, downsized to a studio apartment, took a job as a bartender, and now travels to the Caribbean every 5 weeks, staying for two. 

A couple of old men had an argument to prove who knows more about the island, after some (presumably) Russian women asked where would be a good place to go dancing in the island, and one man proclaimed that if it was dancing they were looking for, they’d better head to South Beach, because this island doesn’t have much of a dance culture. This from an old man, who probably hasn’t cut a rug in ages, and has only lived on the island eight years. 

Well...once the 1st generation know-it-all native sitting next to me heard this, it was an episode of the Odd Couple, and I was stuck in the middle.  

The bar was now lit.


travelElisabeth Ovesen