Planning My Travel Wardrobe

Most people tend to overpack. I am not one of those people. An anal-retentive virgo, I am a whiz at compartmentalizing and putting things in the places and categories they belong. This, my little version of OCD, helps me keep my packing to an organized minimum. The first step to doing that is simple, and the one thing most packers never think about when preparing for their trips.


Choose a Theme or Color Palate:

The easiest way to know what to pack when headed out of town, is to choose a theme and/or color palace for your wardrobe. For instance... 

  • If you're in the mood for mismatched colors and patterns, then, pull only your crazy colors and prints out of your closet and start putting outfits together.
  • If you're in a dark mood, plan to wear only black and gray while you're away.
  • If you want to feel pure and angelic during your vacation, pack only your whites.
  • If you're going to a conservative town, and you wish to dress like a sexy school teacher while you're in the area, pack only your pencil skirts, blouses, and button down shirts.

The ideas are endless! When packing, I focus mostly on color palate. This helps me to not pack too many items of clothing, shoes, purses, belts, and other accessories. The idea behind this is that, if you pack a red outfit, a pink outfit, and a blue one, you'll have to pack red, pink, and blue accessories. Adversely, if you pack only black clothes, you only have to pack one pair of shoes, take one purse, and only one set of accessories.

It's brilliant.

Classic Island Attire:

For my trip back to St. Thomas, I'm opting for a classic linen look, with lots of blues and white, a little gray, and some trusty denim pieces. This makes my accessory planning quite simple –– white, slip-on sneakers would work great, as well as neutral sandals or heels. I can pack one of each and interchange them with each outfit. I'll pack a neutral purse and clutch to match, and not have to worry about which shoes go with each outfit. It'll all work!

travelElisabeth Ovesen