Name Change Travel Prep

Before I could prepare for my summer travels, I needed to the my name right. Recently married, I hadn't yet gone through the long, drawn out process of changing my name on every damn thing in the world –– a process I have been through three other times. So, in the spring, I embarked on the journey, in time to have it all completed by the time I leave the continental US later in the summer. For any woman who has been married, divorced, or simply decided to shift into a new identity, you know what a pain in the ass it is to alert everyone that you've done so. Now, to help anyone who may be about to embark on this journey, I have amassed a list of name change duties.


With my new name, I hopped over to the social security office, and then, the DMV for my new driver's license. With that, I was on a roll. The bank, credit union, all my online accounts, email, credit cards, vehicle registration –– I was a changed woman. If you're about to go through this process, be aware that it will take you a while to get everything done, and when I say while, I mean months. But, there is something so fun about being someone different, and starting a new life.

To help you out, here is my Name Change To-Do List. Now, with all my name changes made, it's time to book my ticket!

travelElisabeth Ovesen