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When I tell people I don't listen to music, the looks on their faces are always one of, either, shock or confusion. But, there it is...I don't listen to music. Well, not anymore, and the story behind that is entirely too intense to get into here and now. So, when searching for music to add to my travel and island playlist, I was stumped. Then, I made a horrible mistake.


The Suggestion Box:

I made the mistake of asking other people what I should listen to on my vacation. I took a poll on Instagram, and what I got  was a long list of music that meant something to a bunch of people I do not know. The list was populated by artists I've never heard of and never want to hear about. The overall tone of the music choices was nothing like my own, and most importantly, didn't match my current vibe, or any vibe I've ever had! I quickly deleted the poll, and went on a search of my own.

What I Found:

The first thing I did after that, is sign up for a 3-month free trial of Apple Music, which works out great since all my personal electronics are made by Apple, including our Apple TV. Therefore,ay music I stream and download is shared between devices. Okay. That was the easy part.


What I quickly realized is that no one can suggest what sort of music I should listen to while on such a personal journey. While most people sent me hardcore reggae music (because I'm going to an island), I thought that was a pretty shallow way of picking the soundtrack for my trip, or any trip.

I haven't listened to music for so long, I have no idea what's new and popular. The same goes for fashion and personal style.I have no idea what's going on in the mainstream because I really haven't wanted to know. I am not one to follow trends or to do what everyone else is doing. I prefer to be and do the exact opposite of the masses, and that means protecting my spirit and energy form the trappings of popularity and keeping up with the Joneses.

With all that said, I set out to listen to music suggested by Apple Music, as well as check out artists who have made songs that meant something to me in the past –– songs that make me feel what I need to feel along this journey. It is definitely a mood, and no one can depict that for me. So, I followed that mood and found myself in a sea of melancholy songs, because that's what I need. Whereas most people may look forward to dancing and drinking, and sunbathing on an island paradise, I'm looking forward to doing some pretty serious soul-work, and digging deep to find another level of inner peace and understanding.


Traveling Music:

With just 24 hours until my flight takes off toward the Caribbean, I am still building my playlist and will continue building it over the week or so that I am away. Here are my top ten singles, thus far –– all melancholy, all perfect for me.

  • Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce
  • Ride - Lana Del Rey
  • River - Leon Bridges
  • Madman Across the Water - Elton John
  • No woman No Cry - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • August Day Song - Tania Cruz
  • Cold Little Heart - Micheal Kiwanuka
  • New York's Not My Home - Jim Croce
  • Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
  • Operator - Jim Croce
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