Getting to the Airport

I’m not a fan of traveling. I really love being at home and moving about the world makes me nervous. So, in order for me to have an anxiety-free experience, I am sure to be more than prepared when I travel. What’s crazy is that it’s been three years since I stepped foot inside an airport, and I almost forgot how to get out the door and to my gate without making it a major production. Thank goodness for a few tools...


Not for nothing, but our new Travel Prep Checklist has been a godsend. I figured I’d better test it out before any of you had a chance to use it, and I’m really happy I did. This list kept me in check as I prepared to leave my home and head 4,000 miles away. Not only did it help me pack, but it also helped me get the house and my room in order, so that when I get home, I won’t have to worry about much. The plants have been watered, laundry is done, sheets and towels have been changed, the bathroom is clean, and the thermostat is regulated. When I return home, it’ll be like walking into a hotel suite. 

Upgrading my seats really helped relieve a lot of stress for me. When I first bought my round trip tickets, they were at a really great price, and they were going fast. So, I purchased basic economy tickets just to get myself on the plane. Then, just a few days before takeoff, I upgraded my seats so that I would have no anxieties about sitting in the back of the airplane or in a middle seat. These are two circumstances in which I am just not interested. 

Getting my TSA Pre-Check a month before my trip wa such a good idea! Once I received my Known Traveler Number, which took about 3 weeks, I happily added it to my frequent flyer account. It was so nice not having to stand in long lines, take off my shoes, or take my liquids out of my bag. It made getting to my gate a breeze, and I found myself sitting there two whole hours before takeoff. 

Naturally, I always have airline apps on my phone, which helps with early check-in and makes it easy to scan my boarding pass straight from my phone. Plus, gate change alerts are prominent, which is nice. 

Well, for someone who doesn’t like to travel and hasn’t left the house for a few years, I think I did a pretty good job getting myself out the house and to the airport, where I was shocked to see how many charging stations had been added to its gates. Man...I feel like I’ve been in a cave.  

travelElisabeth Ovesen