Downtown St. Thomas, USVI

First of all, I can’t wait to get back to Los Angeles. Coming back home has been cool, and I’ve had some awesome moments, but I’m ready. More on that, later. For now, I’m so happy I had a chance to walk through Downtown before jetting back to the mainland!


Tourists hop off of nearby cruise ships and race to the outdoor “mall,” here. There are local shops, as well as plenty of luxury and popular brands, lots of jewelry, perfume, clothes, shoes, food, you name it. Just about everything is marked down, and there is no tax added to your purchases. People go wild for the deals.  


Cruise ships only come in every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so weekends on the island are pretty dead, which is nice. There was quite a bit of road construction happening around the mall, as well, so there was hardly anyone down there, and most shops were closed. 

When here, pay cash and you will have the right to haggle with independent shop owners, especially jewelers. Everyone will try to sell you something, so be discerning. Legally, everything here must be certified authentic, so don’t worry about fake jewels, purses, perfumes, or clothes. 


As for me, once I turn on my island accent, the rules change; shop owners know I’m not fresh off the boat and they don’t try to give me tourist prices. It’s good to be king. 

travelElisabeth Ovesen