Booking the Perfect Airline Tickets

I am a naturally nervous traveler, which is another reason I haven't traveled much throughout my life. So, in preparation for my birthday trip back to St. Thomas, I had to think very carefully about what would make me most comfortable during my long, 3,438 mile journey. The first step, was choosing the airline and the flights that'll get me there.


Before they sold out and folded into Alaska Airline, I was a hardcore Virgin America fan. But, with the company now defunct, I have to rely on my runner-up airline –– American. So, I headed to Google Flights to search for round trip tickets.

There, I found the route, time, and day I needed, with the right number of stops. But, instead of purchasing tickets right away, I waited a week or so. I set alerts to be sent to me whenever the prices changed, and kept a close eye on them. When the nearly $500 ticket dropped to just over $300 roundtrip, I jumped on it.

But, first, I went to American Airlines' website to check their prices, and was surprised to find the were the same as Google Flights. So, I booked directly from the carrier –– after signing up for their frequent flyer mile program. With my new name, I figured it would be easier to start fresh, versus changing the name on my old account. The old miles there have long expired, so there was nothing to lose.

Unable to apply for a travel card, just yet, I booked my round trip flights on my Capital One credit card, which has its own perks, though they are minimal. Naturally, I was sure to purchase travel insurance for my trip.

travelElisabeth Ovesen