Things That Changed My Life: 7-9


This August, just a couple weeks ago, I turned thirty-seven and I couldn't be more proud of the strides and growth I have made over the past ten years of my life. Most of us would expect that one would change and grow exponentially over a ten year span, especially when those ten years span between our twenties and thirties. But, the truth of the matter is that not everyone grows and learns in ways that are beneficial to their lives and the lives of those around them.

Some people are stuck and just can't seem to dislodge themselves from the muck of their pasts or even the pasts of the people around them. They will never change and that's alright with them. They'd rather stay the same than to challenge themselves to be better or even great. They think that sort of life is for other people, that happiness, peace, security, and greatness are for the wealthy or the privileged. There are people in the world who believe that where they are from and what they have done actually dictates their fates and defines them and their futures.

Not everyone will see themselves as a change agent, just as everyone isn't going to "make it" in the world. Survival of the fittest is more than a mantra, it is an actuality and I implore my Gorgeous Girl readers to live and thrive in this actuality, to become and remain one of the fittest, and to continue to me an agent of change in your life and in the lives of many.

This week, I wanted to share with you a few things I utilize in my life to say sharp, fit, and prepared as I continue to grow and make changes.

7. Physical Exercise

Some of us are waiting for life to get better before we start exercising, when the truth is that life won't get better until we start exercising. It's a simple case of the chicken or the egg. Physical activity, no matter how simple, makes a substantial difference in a person's life. For me, it is a time of the day that is just mine. I am alone with my thoughts, with my gratitude and my grievances. A fifteen minute power walk around the neighborhood or an hour in the gym (especially when it's empty or not crowded) is all I need to work out my frustrations or thank God for it all. I love the energy and the endorphins exercise gives me and the way my body looks and performs as I become more active with each passing week.

8. Keeping Up with Business and Technology News

One of the ways I stay sharp and abreast of what's going on in the business world around me is by staying up-to-date on business and technology news. Whether you are an entrepreneur, someone dreaming or planning on becoming one, or someone who wants to know how to do your job better, this is a habit that will greatly serve you, too. Whether spiritual, emotional, physical, or professional, information is king and the more information you have, the better decisions you tend to make. Business magazines and subscriptions like Inc. and technology website like TechCrunch are a great place to start. Open your mind and your life to success stories and page after page of motivation. Learn new things and put them to work for you!

9. Eating a Clean and Healthy Diet

One of the biggest reasons people feel sluggish, moody, and dazed most days of their lives is because of their diets. Back in 2011, I changed my diet and saw a significant change in my life. I resorted back to the way my grandmother used to and still does things in the kitchen. Born and raised in the Virgin Islands, we made fresh food everyday, picking fruit from trees in our backyard and getting our fish fresh from the surrounding sea. Maybe I'm no longer surrounded by fruit trees and a sea full of fish, but there is plenty of fresh, organic farms and fisherman in and around Los Angeles. There are farmer's markets every few miles and a Whole FoodsSprouts, or Trader Joe's on every other corner. Changing my diet was easy and sticking to it is a breeze.

I keep it simple by:

  • Eating meals I love, cooked at home, with fresh, clean and organic ingredients.
  • I cut out most sugar, only buying it when I am eating myself with a homemade pastry and buying local honey instead.
  • I cut out milk and only consume a small amount of cheese each month, decreasing the amount of mucus stored in my body and, therefore, exponentially decreasing my chances and occurrences of illnesses.
  • I eat what I love, but in moderation, and enjoy cheat days several times  a month.
  • I'm not hard on myself. Instead, I am eating smarter, healthier, and the positive effects can be seen in everything I do and especially my looks––the essence of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide!
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