# 8 Releasing Pain, Men, and Expectations with TS Madison

# 8 Releasing Pain, Men, and Expectations with TS Madison

Our favorite girl is back, due to popular demand! After TS Madison appeared on The G3 Podcast several weeks ago, we got an overwhelming amount of emails and messages on social media asking that we not only have her back, but that we record a 100% call-in show. Well, ask and you shall receive! 

I loved making this Dear Gorgeous episode. The callers were awesome, each with a unique question or problem. Madison and I gave the best advice we could, some of it serious, some comical, all of it real. I like when Madison and I don't exactly agree, with some of her advice being very tongue-in-cheek. You'll see more of what I mean at the end of the podcast. There are lot of laughs during this episode, but that is to be expected when Madison is in the room.

I just love this girl and I am so very happy we met. On a personal note, she's a solid human being with a big heart and even bigger goals. If you think our on-air conversations are fun, you can imagine what we're like over a couple beers and some ribs!









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The Gorgeous Girl's Guide to...Releasing Pain, Men, and Expectations

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