Back to School Reminders

Back to School Reminders

Hopefully, over the summer, you were able to purge through your kid's stuff! Summer is the perfect time to throw out, pass along, or donate old clothes and shoes, as well as toys and books they have outgrown. Plus, every parent knows about the giant pile of macaroni necklaces, abstract drawings, and "what the hell is this" that teachers send kids home with throughout and at the end of the school year. Summer is a great way to (when they're not looking) throw out the not-so-stellar art your kid may have brought home, keeping the pieces you love the most. Now, it's time to head back to school, and we've got an important set of reminders for you!

For the Kids:

  • Get your kids excited about going back to school! Whatever you do, don't make the beginning of a new school year seem like a chore. Instead of talking about all the stress and anxiety that you may have about the approaching school year, talk to your kids about how much fun they will have with old and new friends, how amazing their new teacher is going to be, and how much they are going to learn. Going to a higher grade is a big deal; make sure your kids are excited about being in a new grade, school, or class.
  • Take time to talk to your kids about the routine they can expect during this new school year. Maybe they are going from a half-day schedule to a full-day schedule. Maybe they will be attending an after-school program and being picked up later in the day than the year before. Maybe they will be walking home by themselves for the first time. Plus, if your kids have extra curricular activities, they will have to consider how that will affect the hours allotted for homework. 

For Mom:

  • Going back to school can be a stressful and anxious time for moms, dads, and families. Chances are, you'll have to wake up and leave the house a little earlier than during the summer months in order to take your kids to school before heading work. There's a chance that your kid's school may take you of the way, and you'll have to deal with much more traffic and travel times than you do in the summer months. Then, there's the whole pre-and-post school routines, including meal prep, homework help, bedtime routines, and so on. Ugh! So, a couple weeks before school starts, it's a great idea for you to get prepared to handle the stress and anxiety that may be on its way.
    • Get your house in order! Clean and organize closets, cabinets, refrigerator, etc.
    • Indulge in some all-too-necessary self care, in order to recharge and revitalize yourself before things get crazy.
    • Set intentions for yourself and your children for the new school year.
    • To help control stress and anxiety, find a meditative practice that works for you and your schedule.
    • Design a fitness and diet plan that is not interfered by your children's school schedules
  • Take time to catch up with friends who also have children and are preparing for the new school year, as well. This is a perfect opportunity to set aside some much needed adult time, and assimilate with other parents of school-aged children who you count as friends and associates.

Welcome to a new school year! It is imperative that you find the perfect rhythm this school year, allowing your children, spouse, and entire family to enjoy another season of learning and growing. Have fun, ladies. You will never get these years back. They grow up so very quickly.

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