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Hello, Gorgeous!

OMG. I'm so glad you made it! The Gorgeous Girl's Guide is my very special way of sharing with you everything I have learned on my journey to self-improvement –– including peace of mind, true happiness, beautiful hair, skin, and nails, and overall inner and outer gorgeousness.

You'll find lots of cool stuff here and, as a member, you are encouraged to suggest ways to make our group and website even better. Speaking of the group, you will get to know the other members through our community forum and monthly livestreams. Don't worry, I'll alert you via email with live stream details.

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Okay. I can go on-and-on, but I'm gonna hush now and let you start exploring the site. Check your email inbox for your purchase receipt, and head over to the Start Here section to dive into our content. If you have any questions, drop them in the suggestion box or email me at Thank you so much for joining my family. I really hope you love it here.


Karrine Steffans

Founder, The Gorgeous Girl's Guide


PS: Before you go, here's a fast and free course for you –– 3 Tell-Tale Signs It's Time for a Shift. I hope you find it useful.