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This is going to sound a little odd, but before the Gorgeous Girl Guide, I already had an inkling that I wasn't living in the peaceful, stress reduced and healthy life I could, but wow, was I was for a shock! I'd been doing life all wrong - how is that possible at the age of 37?

The thing about the G3 is that I don't have a single soul in my life who I could learn this information from, someone who is willing to give up their time to cultivate such a space for growth, support and allowing for questions along the way.

Yes, information is available everywhere, but how are you supposed to know what to look for if you have no foundation in the first place? Since joining, although I still have miles to go, I've learned to practice creating and keeping my peace, scheduling my daily life better in order to reduce my usual stressors, using even less products than I do already, creating a daily routine to start my day off on the right now, cleansing my social media accounts of noise that I have no business engaging in and listening to my body more and just stopping, even if only for an hour. Looking into how to focus forward, questioning what I want to do in the next five, ten, fifteen years and finding tools on how to begin the process.

As I said, I still have a ways to go, but I feel so comforted to know that I have a woman like Elisabeth and the G3's assisting with betterment for my life which will naturally lend itself to betterment for my relationship with my 4 beautiful children and my husband. Thank you.


The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide. A methodology created by the incredible Elisabeth Ovesen. I joined the G3 in the hopes of fine tuning what I thought was my already organized and healthy lifestyle. Boy, was I in for an awakening! Within hours of receiving access to our elite group, I found myself scrambling to throw away 85% of our groceries, 90% of my beauty products and 95% of my toxic relationships regardless of kin or time. Although my particular membership is for a year, I have already experienced countless of the what seems like LIMITLESS improvements in just a few short months. Improvements that have not only come in physical form but spiritual and professionally as well.

My credit score has gone up more than 100 points, I have received resources that have become invaluable not only for me but for my husband whom has also reaped the rewards of my new knowledge. For every toxic relationship I have selfishly and proudly ended, I have made connections and have been able to network with women whom are like minded, motivated and focused on bettering every aspect of themselves. Although I was already mostly vegetarian, I have not only become stricter about the source of my foods (including spices, vegetables and fruits) but also have 100% replaced any OTC medications with natural remedies.

I have found room to become still, something I thought my schedule was too chaotic for. I have found time for ME and me only by learning how to shift my intentions and thoughts purposefully as well as my environments. I have learned that I am in control and without my stability, my home is not in harmony. There have been endless benefits to my membership and “Coach E” as we lovingly call her has become a mentor, friend and confidant. Even with hundreds of women relying on her assistance, she has made it her life’s work to make us all feel important, heard and supported through her incredible program. Sometimes delivering much need tough love but always reciprocating twice as much motivation.

Thanks to the G3, I have decided to look forward to my 30s (coming soon) and setting a foundation for a successful and most of all, enjoyable life built by me and for me. I have decided to leave my career of 10 years which does not and has never fed my “passions” knowing that my new-found courage and paths will not fail me. Last month, I was accepted to my dream college in California for a degree which I started when life was about passion and not just paying bills. Within that same month, I was fortunately diagnosed with cancer as well. No, that wasn’t a typo. I said FORTUNATELY because I have already beat it (surgery + radiation) and it has taught me and reiterated to my spirit that divine intervention is real and this moment, this diagnosis and these tools were put in my path for a reason at the perfect time. I got cancer…”and then what?” ;) Then, I put on my war face and got to work. Internally and externally with the help of the G3 behind me.

Thank you, Elisabeth and thank you to the community of women whom have grown and will continue to grow with me. If this is only a couple of months, I can’t wait to see where I’ll be typing from by the end of my year. If you are reading this – I hope this is your opportunity to join, grow and become the best version of yourself. With Love and Gratitude…Ase’ O.


How about now?


I love The Gorgeous Girl's Guide! I have learned so much and it has benefited me tremendously. I rarely get to attend live streams live because my schedule is just too hectic but I always watch the replays and I love them! There is a tremendous amount of information available for next to nothing. This group has absolutely improved my life! Thank you for all that you do.


Prior to joining The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, I felt as if I had it all figured out! However, The G3 quickly showed me how much further I NEEDED to grow and evolve. At the time of joining, I was experiencing tons of transitions in my personal life. I was anxious, petrified, and unsure of how I could adapt and handle all these new things coming my way at once. My career was on a great path, but I was lacking guidance in becoming a future wife, step-mommy, combining households, running a household, and then, balancing all of that with my personal ambitions. I was shook! Being apart of this community changed the game; for each and every concern I had, the answer was with The G3 Method! The anxiety and fear I felt previously is gone, because every month we are changing and/or recharging different areas of our lives. This method is preparing me in ways my own parents aren't able to, and I'm so very grateful! My fiance' even took notice to how this guide has elevated me as a woman, business owner , and a wife to be! I'm so full, and I'm excited to see how much further I'll grow! In gratitude...


I was given the opportunity of being blessed to be in this group of amazing women. I have learned to stop using so many products on my natural 4C hair and keep it simple with some coconut oil. I had issues with an under active thyroid for a few years now, and through the wisdom and guidance of The G3, on March 2, 2018, I was told that my thyroid was normal and I
could continue not taking the medication. As far as my personal bubble goes, I am feeling so much at peace and will continue to concentrate on myself and remember what Elisabeth says regarding a reaction to emotions, to be silent and just be still, watch and wait for it all to become clear.


Now are you ready?


I originally joined The Gorgeous Girl's Guide looking for healthy lifestyle information, and what I got in return was more than I could imagine! I have seen drastic changes in my life, both, personally and health wise. The most meaningful life changing moment for me was the mentorship program offered. It was there I received the mental clarity I needed to move forward and pivot into my best life. Joining The G3 is a must!


I've never thought of myself as the 'joining' type. The thought of committing to a program long term just wasn't something I thought I could do. Watching one of the live streams promoting The G3 made me curious enough to wonder if I would also see some changes and benefits if I joined. It's only been 1 month and I haven't looked back. For me, the biggest shift of all has been in my mindset. The Methodology truly has changed how I live my life. The positive effect on how I approach my day to day life is amazing. I have also seen an improvement in my skin since adopting The G3 regimen. Can't recommend the program enough, and even though I have 11 months to go, I'm already wanting to sign up for another year.


The G3 has improved my physical and mental health by teaching me strategies and concepts that continue to improve my quality of life! I have followed Professor Elisabeth for years, long before The G3 was born... In fact, the methodology that she has in place whips my butt back in line whenever I try to stray with my eating choices, and slack on my appearance. The methods are so simple that even when I am not feeling my best, I can choose to come out of it if I am willing to apply the steps to do just that –– come out of my funk! The G3 membership is only the beginning. Professor Elisabeth is very wise and I am so thankful that she takes the time to share her beauty by teaching so many of us how to maintain ours. Love, love her.


Are you gonna join now?


Within my first 5 days as a member of  The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, I enthusiastically collected my first 4 recommended essentials. It’s been 15 days or so now and I’m more focused than I have ever been. I feel inspired about my self care as a woman  and I’m actually paying attention for the first time in a while. I’m more aware in a support group of women living their best lives on purpose, with purpose! Everyday, I’m learning new, exciting stuff for self improvement and living my healthiest life! If you’re procrastinating on whether to join or not, just stop! Sign up and once you’re in, thank me later.


Where do I even begin to tell you what a blessing this group has been to me.  I have learned so many wonderful things that I have incorporated into my life. I have passed on all the things that you have taught me to my family, also.  They have been using The G3 Method without evening knowing it. My skin is popping, I am drinking way more water, and that maca cacao latte is nothing but the truth. I appreciate you beyond measure and I know that God will reward you for helping us ladies.  I will be a G3 member for life.


After giving in to curiosity on what Elisabeth's G3 was about, I decided to join. Being a fan of Elisabeth I knew to expect brutal honesty and transparency. Once I joined, I started to slowly add some of the products she suggested to my life. The G3 has become a sacred space for me. It’s more than recipes and product suggestions. 

The G3 is our collective, for us women, who are committed to betterment in all facets of their lives. We exchange advice and tips, we share our experiences, and most of all, we learn. We learn from Elisabeth and each other. The G3 is a community that offers women a chance to be authentically them while getting their money, mind, body & spirit right. We encourage and empower each other through life’s ups and downs. G3 means love, support, acceptance and well-being, which is what we’re all after. I’m glad I joined and proud to be a G3 OG!


My mind has shifted. My body has shifted. Even the energy in my home. My skin and overall appearance has benefited from this method. I fall off at times, and when I do, I definitely can tell a difference!!It has given me so much more then ever expected. K is a transparent, honest guru, who takes pride in her members! I consider the The G3 to be a blessing!


Okay. Now?


Elisabeth is so humble and kind. She is passionate about passing on all information and experiences she has endured so that other women can win. She is often the still small voice nudging you to do better, stop the drama, eat your veggies, use essential oils and pour coconut oil over your life. Other times, she is the no bullshit stern hand to tell you no. I have followed her for years, but The G3 group has made me feel like I have a place. Despite my experiences, I am welcome, I am loved, and I am important. Elisabeth always checks on us, and is the sweetest accountability partner. I have shifted into the understanding that self care is the single most important thing I can do. Before, I was concerned about caring for those around me. Although that is important, it would be to my demise. I am so grateful for her mentorship and always checking in on me. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!


The G3 is incredible! While I love the website, the livestreams are everything! Not only life changing advice but a life changing way of thinking. I look forward to continuing my membership and signing up for a mini-mentorship in the near future!


Not only has The Gorgeous Girls Guide made a huge impact in my life, but Elisabeth has been such an influential person as I admire her intelligence. She is so knowledgeable of many things. The G3 is honestly the best thing for me at this point in my life where I feel like I couldn't help myself learn or do everything. I needed another resource to give me CONSTANT motivation & inspiration. The G3 does just that. Targeting every aspect I need help with in my life. I'm so proud & grateful for Elisabeth Ovesen for putting together The G3 for us women who need help. Thank you, Elisabeth!


I’ve been following The G3 since it started on IG; I would go there daily to see the posts and the things going on, on the page! I made the choice to sign up last year and be a member. I would go through the routines, but never took it to seriously until I signed up for a mentorship. Mind you I was thinking I was at my best, working, eating out daily and barely (and I say barely) just present in my life!

Like many women that search for something, that waking moment did not happen until I had a mentoring talk with Elisabeth! She takes this very seriously and you can hear this in her tone the way she speaks on the lives; even when you go on the site, she wants you as a woman to be the greatest -- not the best, but the greatest. 

The support she and The G3 ladies show is phenomenal! My eating habits have changed for the better, my scheduling on getting things done is so much better! I’ve been stuck the past 10 years in cement, and this one shift made me present to shift and shift again! Learning to allow things and people to go if they want, to not be stuck in moments, to continue to move with the shifts!

I’ve gotten too many things done within 1 month, and procrastinating (she dislikes that word) is not an option -- schedule things and getting them done!

My life is more peaceful with The G3 method! It works!


Girl. What are you waiting for? Join now!


The G3 Method helps you welcome change into your life to allow the shift to occur. The Shift refers to the moment where your whole life clicks into place. When you wake up one day and you are not wasting energy worried about insecurities, drama and gossip. Instead, you are at peace, enjoying each moment and you focus on things that matter. To understand the shift and how to achieve a shift in your life, you have to sign up for The G3! The courses and methodology will remind you where to focus your intentions, and how to work toward your goals. Added with the help of The G3 Girls and Instagram "lives," you are filled with support and a plethora of information to guide you into becoming the best version of yourself! Elisabeth --Thank you for all that you do!


Since joining The G3, it has truly changed my life . My skin has cleared up and it really toned. I have become more confident in saying no to things that I don’t want to do. I find every moment I can to let peace find me. I also listen to classical music to assist me in staying peaceful . I look forward to the live chats; they are so inspiring. I look forward to more positive changes in the near future.


I am a new member of The G3 and I am very excited about the knowledge I've gained, so far! I have begun to implement many of the lifestyle changes that are offered within this Gorgeous Girl Movement. It's more than just a guide! I have been motivated to take better care of myself as a whole, which benefits every other aspect of my life. I especially enjoy the live videos, as they are very raw, honest, and sincere. Although my work schedule prevents  me from viewing the live segments in real time, I always have the opportunity to view them after my 12-hour shift, which helps me to wind down from the day's chaos of nursing! I would encourage you to join The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, and definitely purchase the unlimited yearly membership. You won't regret it!


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