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give help. get help.

If you find yourself in a tight spot, financially, and could use a little help paying for your membership at The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide, we have implemented a sponsorship program to lend a hand.

how it works

It’s all pretty simple.

  1. Just head into the forum

  2. In the sidebar menu, click Sponsorships

  3. There, you can post your need for one, two, or three months of membership assistance

  4. Your sponsor(s) will message you privately in the forum

  5. Then, your sponsor(s) will email us to gain access to our Monthly Sponsorship plan.

  6. Each sponsor will set up the plan, for the length of time discussed, pay for it, and give you the log-in information

And that’s it! Your sponsor will have full control of the plan, with the ability to continue and end the plan, as agreed. Whether you are a sponsee or a potential sponsor, get started by tapping the button below!