To Do: Order a New Academic Planner


Emily Ley is launching her new Simplified® Academic Planners today, and I am up early and ready to order! Before being convinced by G3 members to try using a planner, I’d always thought of them as too constricting. The rebellious side of me doesn’t like being told where to write things, and when to write them. I have always used notebooks to map out ideas and write lists, which I still do, but having a planner did indeed change the way I organize my life. That being said, I don’t think all planners could have done this for me.

Everyone has their own way of being, and not every planner type is going to be right for everyone. For me, I have found Simplified® Planners to be the perfect planner –– and this from a girl who didn’t like planners a year ago!

So, now, I’m hooked. At 10am EST, the new planners will launch, and I will be right there to make my order. These are Academic Planners, which means they begin in August 2019, which is my birthday month, so it’s PERFECT for me. Next month, she will launch a planner for teachers, which I will also purchase to help me organize our curriculum and coaching. And then, she’ll launch the 2020 planners!

Part of allowing peace into our lives, is organizing it. When we create a schedule (as we discussed last month with our Work/Life Balance practice and during the Week or Webinars), we find that we significantly lower our stress levels, which helps us sleep and eat better. We feel more in control of our lives, and that feeling gives us the confidence to crush our goals, and then, kick our feet up and chill, knowing we have done all there is to do, today.

Today, get yourself a new academic planner, if this is the sort of planner you prefer. And, if you would like to try the Simplified® Planner, you can save $10 by using this link!