The Purge of 2018: People, Bad Habits, and Doubt


Every end-of-year at The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, we purge –– and this year is no different. Well, actually, it's sort of different. This year, we are going deep. This year, this month, this week, right now, we are throwing out everything and everyone that no longer serves us, and we're not gonna think twice about it –– starting with people, bad habits, and doubt.

Are you ready? Because there is no procrastination in shifting. There is no overthinking in getting your shit together. What there is, however, is lots of doing, lots of cutting, and tons of focusing and moving forward.

Remember, complacency is a killer.


  • Fake Friends:These are the people who pretend to be friends long enough to get what they want from you, never giving as much as they take, never even trying.

  • Fake Family:These are the people who are always doubting or questioning you in such a way that makes you feel small, or as if what you're doing or planning is never enough, or too much even.

  • Exes:When a relationship is over, let it be over. Do not romanticize a bad relationship. Instead, focus on your future plans and goals, remembering that we date where we vibrate, and you need to vibrate higher!

  • Grudges:Anger creates cancer in the body. It creates a series of chemicals that break down healthy cells in our organs, the largest being the skin. Stop drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Let it go.

  • Bad Habits:So many of our bad habits are connected to other people and the trauma connected to our relationships. Disconnect from the people who have introduced and encouraged your bad habits, and the bad habits themselves. Replace your unhealthily vices with better, healthier ones!

  • Doubt:Sis, anything and everything is possible. Miracles happen everyday, and God has a plan for your life. What's not meant for you will never be yours, and what has always been meant for you will always find its way to you. Do not worry! Do not doubt! Enjoy the journey.





Elisabeth Ovesen