The Power of Change & How to Do It

The new year is supposed to usher in brand new changes, and oftentimes, it does! But for many people, the new year begins just the way the year before ended –– in neutral. For those people, being stuck is a way of life, as it may be for you. And even though most of us find ourselves stuck at some and many points in our lives, the problem isn't that. The problem is staying stuck, was I call "standing in the shit" for entirely too long, and finding it nearly impossible to shift.


Life is life and to put it plainly, shit happens –– then it un-happens! Yes, there are some things that cannot be undone, like death and disfigurement, but most of what you will encounter in life is not a life sentence. With just one shift, you can unravel years of bad decisions and happenings. Just one.

Take Baby Steps

There is never just one shift, although just one can change everything. As you continue to live and grow, and if you're doing it right, there with my many shifts in a year. But first, baby steps.

You can find a series of baby steps in our 28 Day Self care Challenge, which all members should begin February 1st. Each day, for 28 days, you will be give a simple task, a seemly insignificant shift that will challenge you to do something you wouldn't usually do. It is said that it takes 28 days to form a habit, and after accepting this challenge, you should be more than ready for the next step.

Do Something That Scares You

Before beginning the 28 Day Self Care Challenge, write down a goal you are nervous about. Fold the piece of paper you wrote it down on, put it in an envelope and seal it. On the outside of the envelope, write March 1st and the year. Keep the sealed envelope somewhere safe. After you've finished the challenge, after you have taken those 28 baby steps and accomplished every goal set during the challenge, tackle the big one.

Making a life changing shift doesn't happen by talking about it, dreaming about it, or always putting it off. If you want your entire life to change, all you have to do in that one big thing. The domino effect of that single big step will astound you. So, when the time comes, tear open your envelope and focus on completing just that one thing. And if you'd like, you can make another envelope with another big step in it, and date it for sometime in the future! On and on it goes.

Good luck!

self careElisabeth Ovesen