The Draining Power of Underwhelm


As a person who found my passion at 5 years old, and rode that passion into my adulthood, making a living with it, my entire life is built upon the concept of being passionate about everything I do. I have never worked hard at something that didn’t excite me and get me out of bed in the morning. I don’t know what it’s like to wake up and go to work for someone else, to do something that doesn’t move my spirit and fuel my desires.

That is not to say I haven’t done things I don’t want to do! As an opportunist, I have put myself in a position to win by, first, taking what seems to be a losing position. This is a tried-and-true tactic for getting closer to what you want, and the things that spark joy in your life! Therefore, this “chess move” actually fuels me, knowing I am not settling for something, but rather, utilizing that situation to further my goals, and this has never underwhelmed me.

That being said, I am currently battling with a serious case of the underwhelms, and boy am I drained.

We often talk about being overwhelmed, a feeling we all feel from time-to-time. But, now that I’ve been hit with a feeling quite the opposite, it’s time to reach into my nifty tool bag and figure out which coaching tool can dig me out of this low-energy ditch of underwhelm.

The Problem

I’ve out 6 years of work into The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide, and god knows how much money and other resources. So, when our participation is low, when mots of our members never open emails or show-up for events they have RSVP’d to, it juts sucks the fun out of everything for me. This makes me question why I do all of this, and my very next thought is to stop. I don’t believe in doing anything that doesn’t make me happy, and right now, The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide isn’t making me happy.

The Solution

I’ve been here before, and I know that The G3 can and has excited me in the recent past, just a few months ago. So, before walking away forever, I’m going to step away for a moment. With years of information at our members’ fingertips, I can afford to take a bit of time to myself and away from the everyday responsibilities of the membership. Next, I need to take a look at my goals for the company, hidden opportunities I may have missed, as well as opportunities to pivot. In other words, I need to explore how I can change what I’m doing in order to feel challenged by the work I do at The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide.

The Bottom Line

Feeling underwhelmed shouldn’t be a constant state of being; it should be something that happens, and then, quickly un-happens! The moment you realize you feel unenthused and listless about something in your life, you absolutely have to change it, and change it fast! If not, this will very quickly become the norm for you, and that is a slippery slope of mediocrity you don’t want to play with at all. So, if you’re feeling underwhelmed about something in your life, too, here is a recap of the steps I’ll be taking on m way back to feeling excited about the work I do, here at The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide:

  1. Step away for a moment –– take a few days or weeks to think about why you feel so underwhelmed.

  2. Revisit your goals –– what did you want from the situation when you began this part of your journey?

  3. Look for hidden opportunities to make things better –– a change of location, hours of operation, or methods are a few examples of this.

  4. Search for opportunities to pivot –– turning one thing into something else is a great way to change the mood.

More to come.