Scheduling Much Needed Me-Time


This month we are focused on March’s recommended course, Work/Life Balance, and this month, your task is to better schedule your days and evenings in order to get more done without feeling stressed and anxious. That being said, with all we have to do on a weekly basis, the most important blocks of time to add to our schedule are blocks of personal time.

Forward Focus: Days Off

As this article went live, I was enjoying my designated day off –– Friday. Feeling overwhelmed and tired, I decided to revisit an old habit of taking Friday’s off, and by doing so, I made the rest of my week more organized and focused.

By creating a weekly holiday, I have given myself something to look forward to, and staying forward focused helps me get all my work done before the end of the week! That means that everything from work responsibilities to household chores have to get done by the end-of-day Thursday, and if I’m going to accomplish that, I need to be extremely organized and scheduled!

Here’s the takeaway –– in your calendar, set aside a day (or half-day) that is all yours. During this time, there will be no work, no chores, no planning or researching; there will only be you (maybe your friends) and lots of fun! Write it down. Color code it.

Make it the law!

One of the reasons a lot of us don’t take time for ourselves is because we are hoping to find the time. By scheduling it on a weekly basis, you are making the time! Now, when your week begins, you have a cutoff date for your work and chores, and you can schedule them accordingly!

As for me…

I am spending this Friday Funday with my best girlfriend, Blaire. We are having, what we call, All Day Mall Day, and it’s just what it sounds like. We spend all day (usually about 8 hours) at one of our local malls. It’s a huge outdoor mall with weekly activities (concerts, virtual reality exhibits, book signings, etc.) and lots of places to eat, dink, and snack. We window shop, pretend to need new Rolexes, browse bookstores, eat gelato, guzzle boba drinks, and act like children.

It’s just what I need at the end of a busy week!

[NOTE] I removed work emails from my personal phone, so that when I am away from my desk, I am not overwhelmed by work duties. This decision has really helped me focus on my “me-time,” allowing me to be fully present and seated in my joy.