Quick Self-Care Starter Tools for Worriers


Worrying is silly; we know this. We know that we can worry until we’re sick, but all that worrying doesn’t change anything, except for the state of our mental health –– and not in a good way. Like any other practice, stopping yourself from worrying is an ongoing task, and like all practices, it needs to be practiced! So, Here are 4 quick ways to help control your daily worries.

Planners and Calendars

Use a planner and coordinating desktop and mobile calendar to keep yourself grounded and organized. This helps to keep you focused on what has to be done, and on the things in life you can control, versus worrying about all the things you can’t.

Daily Affirmations

Inside that planner, write affirmations and emotional reminders for the day to help keep you motivated and on task. Also, try writing these affirmations on Post-Its, eraser boards, or whatever you have around the house and in your workspace. Our Self-Care Mantras are greta for this!

Trust God and the Universe

Speaking of self-care mantras, one of my personal favorites is, faith and fear cannot exist in the same place at the same time. If you have fear, there is no room for faith, and if you have no faith, you have no trust, and if you don’t trust God or the universal laws, how can they trust you with the blessings ahead? Things have always worked themselves out, and they will again.

Be Positive

Quiet the voice of self-doubt in your head by replacing each negative thought, as soon as you hear it, with a positive one. Manifest this positivity on the outside by taking physical care of your body and looks. Listen to positive music and watch positive and inspiring programming. Surround yourself with light and love, in person and online. Good vibes only.