Patience vs Procrastination


Anyone who has been a member of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide over the past 18 months, has come to know how much I absolutely hate procrastination–– as a word and as a practice. Just as this is true, so is my love of the practice of patience in all areas of our lives. And even though these two states of being may seem to be one-in-the same to someone from the outside looking in, they do indeed differ greatly. So, as we prepare for a new year, and any time you find yourself preparing for a shift, it's going to be important that you never confuse the two.

Don't Be Fooled:

Sometimes, we feel as if we are wasting time while waiting for something to fall into place. This isn't always true, however. So much of what needs to happen in our lives depends on the right timing, circumstances, connections, and strategy –– not to mention God's version of all these things!

And that's the thing about patience; it is a byproduct of faith.

In order to not be fooled into believing your patience is the same as procrastination, or that your procrastination is the same as patience, you must ask yourself one thing –– have you done the work? 

Have you done everything you need to prepare yourself for this opportunity? Have you studied and researched, gotten the education needed, put yourself in position to meet the people who can help you, and done the everyday legwork it takes to turn your opportunity into a reality? If so, you aren't procrastinating when you find yourself fully prepared, yet, waiting for the opportunity to arise (like a promotion or a meeting, for instance).

Adversely, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the very idea of preparing for such an opportunity, or by the opportunity itself, and stall in the preparation process, do not fool yourself into thinking you are being patient. Do not fool yourself into thinking you are waiting for an opportunity to arise, for the perfect connection to knock on your door, for a bag of money to fall out of the sky like friggin' magic. You are not being patient if you have not done the work.

You are procrastinating!

Like with anything in life, the only way to do it is to do it. There is no luck. As the saying goes, luck is opportunity meets preparation. The only way to be absolutely sure that you are not procrastinating is to do the work –– make an action plan, plan the phases, take the steps, and cross them off as you accomplish each. Stay organized and vigilant, so that when the opportunity arises, you are prepared, and secure in your patience, knowing you have everything possible.




Elisabeth Ovesen