Passion, Purpose, and Your Life's Work (Part Two)

Identifying your passion may not happen overnight. Many times, for those who have no inkling as to what they love the most, it is necessary to take a bit of time observing one's self, taking mental notes on what makes you happy. But, once you have cornered your passion, it is best to extract your purpose from it, and doing that is simpler than you may think.


Uncovering Your Purpose

Knowing your passion is, truly, half the battle when trying to uncover your purpose. And, actually, it gets easier to do this if you have more than one passion. For instance, let's say you are passionate about helping homeless women, and you are also passionate about cutting and styling hair. With those two passions, you can easily find your purpose in grooming women-in-need as they attempt to re-enter the world-at-large, as well as the workforce.

The point here is to consider your passion or passions, and find ways to use them –– ways that make your heart feel proud. To do this, try thinking of a problem that needs to be solved, and solve it with your passion! This is a reasonable way to uncover your purpose in life, and get you on the way to making it your life's work. Here is a simple equation:

what you love to do + using it to solve a problem = finding your purpose

self careElisabeth Ovesen