Part 2: How to Diagnose and Eradicate Burnout


Feeling the affects of the world weighing on my shoulders, I cannot ignore the heaviness that comes with being in society. Some people need people; they need noise and chaos, and constant contact. I am not one of those people. I am completely overwhelmed by the day-to-day happenings in the world and in people’s lives. Stressful new reports, noisy and misbehaved children, relationship drama, idle chit-chat and small talk –– I can’t take it! So, this is the perfect time to dig into my self-care toolbox and pull out a few mainstays.

Ways to Cure Burnout

Super Serious Self-Care

The first thing I did was let my friends and family know that I’m going off the grid. What I find is that when I verbalize that I am overwhelmed and need a break, certain people ask even more of me! They’re not hearing or listening to me. They are ignoring my cries for help and putting even more pressure me, all in the same conversation! Super serious self-care is…well…super serious. My health and well-being are not a game, and when people choose not to hear me, I reiterate once more before doing what I said I was going to do in the first place. So, once everyone is on alert, I make a plan for my self-care –– rest, food, juices, grounding rituals, beauty upkeep, repair and prepare. I plan my self-care tasks on purpose, with purpose.


My priorities must be clear during this period of repair, or it’ll all fall apart. My overall first priority is myself, that means calls don’t get answered and emails go unreturned. Whatever doesn’t feel good, doesn’t get done, and therefore, I only do what makes me feel happy, whole, safe, and sane. That’s the rule. So, I finished out my work week, and became available to everyone, other than my son and my husband.

Deep Sleep

Members know how serious I am about my sleep and winding down method. When it’s time to repair the chips and cracks which tend to form under the crushing weight of everyday life and responsibilities, my reste begins with a deep, eight-hour sleep. I need my brain to be well-rested and relaxed. This begins during my 2-hour wind down, with a steamy cup of Bedtime tea, and reruns of Frasier whispering to m from my laptop. Just like with all facets of my self-care, I’m super serious about my sleep.

Load Up on Nutrients

Juices, smoothies, and supplements are vital during this time. I take extra special care of myself, and be sure to catch up on nutrition I may have missed due to an overwhelming schedule. Salads and protein-packed meals are a must, and lots of water, ofcourse.

Daily Exercise

Daily doses of exercise are a proven way to boost my mood and clear my head. Being alone, without the distractions of phone calls, text messages, and emails, allows me to center my intentions and focus my mind, body, and spirit — and exercise caters to all three.

These are pretty basic ways to curb the feeling of being both underwhelmed and overwhelmed, burning the candle at both ends, causing the sort of emotional, mental, and physical fatigue I’ve been experiencing –– and they always work. I have designed my life in such a way that allows me to take as long as I need, be it a week, a year, or forever. Right now, I’m not sure how much time I need away, but I’m committed to taking it. Make this same commitment to yourself. Put aside a weekend or days off, and look into your allot vacation time and forward focus on making those days, both, reparative and preparative.