Part 1: How to Diagnose and Eradicate Burnout


Oh my god, I’m so fucking burnt. I have legit had enough of life, for right now. Adulting is hard and I’m super-duper-extra ready to bail on everything and everybody for a while. Aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!


Burnout is real, and most people suffer through it, not realizing that being tired, listless, and disconnected is not the way life is supposed to be! Not every adult wakes up and dreads the day, begrudgingly works a job they hate just so they can get by, and then, slowly makes their way home with no motivation to do anything else. This is not the way of live in other countries and communities around the world!

And this is not my way of life, either.

So, when I do feel overwhelmed, stressed, haggard, and burned out, it’s very noticeable and uncomfortable for me. This is one of those times. With family health and wellness issues, helping my son with his professional responsibilities, being present for my neediest friend, trying (and failing) to stay on my workout regimen, being mindful of my diet, running and making changes to The G3, and keeping up with all my shows –– I’m spent.

Signs of Burnout

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Exhaustion

I feel this deep in my soul. I am running out of bandwith; I cannot download or upload much more. The constant talking and communication with others, the needs of others, the responsibility I have to the health and well-being of others –– it’s all too much. Knowing and feeling I’m about to hit my limit, lets me know that it’s time to crawl back into my self-care bubble, and start the reparation process.

Cynicism, Detachment, and Hopelessness

It’s a feeling of overall underwhelm, and boy do I have it! Everything is a stupid idea, and I’m not interested or excited by anything, even things that interested or excited me before. I think the scientific word for this feeling is, blah, and it’s a solid indicator that it’s time for a shift.

Ineffectiveness, Errors, and Lack of Accomplishment

Misspelling the simplest words, driving off from Whole Foods with the car trunk wide open, half-assing projects, completely forgetting about others, being late and lackadaisical. Yup. Burnout is is full-effect, and that means it’s time to take some seriously reparative measures. Continue on to the next post for what alway works for me.