No, Seriously. Have a Good Day (in 3 Steps)


Home is where we begin and end our days, therefore, it is the most important place in the world to each of us. So, it is at home where we should set our intentions for the day ahead, whether it’s done the night before, or the morning of. That being said, here are three practices I can’t start each day without.

Expressing gratitude

Each night, before bed, and while having my sleepy tea, I open my gratitude journal and make a list of 10 things for which I am grateful. I have held this practice since 2014, and it’s even more gratifying to flip back to the same date in the years past and see what I was grateful for exactly one, two, or even 5 years ago.

A Grounding Morning Ritual

Every morning, I am at my best when I practice a ritual devoid of haste, and filled with ease. Whatever your scheduled tasks for the day, wake up early enough to engage in a thoughtful practice, like a 15-minute in-home workout, the lighting of incense, and a quick liquid or sold breakfast before a warm shower.

Set Positive Intentions

And while you are grounding yourself with your morning ritual, talk to yourself about the sort of day you intend to have, the work you intend to so, and how you intend to feel. Claim your victories, dismiss your anxieties and fears, and declare the day just s it should be. Everything is already alright.