Meditation For People Who Hate Meditating

Over the past several years, I have found meditation to be calming to my spirit and a necessary part of my balance. Over the past several months, I have relied more on meditation to not only keep me grounded, but to guide me in my mindfulness journey. Mediation is now a daily habit and sometimes an hourly habit. Initially, however, I was put off by the idea of meditation because, with so much to do, I couldn't imagine myself sitting still, my legs crossed, my arms rest in the ohm position. When I tried this traditionally expressed version of meditation, all I could think about was all the things I'd rather be doing. So, I had to find a way to get the benefits of meditation without the anxiety I feel when posing and positioning. I needed to make meditation more natural for me and more conducive to my lifestyle.

Meditation in the Background:

For years, I have always kept meditation music constantly playing. Throughout the spaces in which I spend the most time, the music plays quietly in the background, not interrupting or disturbing whatever is happening in the foreground. Whether I'm cooking, cleaning, writing, or even watching a program, the music never shuts off. I find that this helps keep the energy in the room calm and grounding. As soon as one enters the room, they are greeted with binaural beats, designed to calm and heal. So, even though I may not be focused on the music, it is subconsciously doing its job. This is my first level of meditation.

Meditation with Mindful Motion:

My second level of meditation takes place during some of my self care rituals, like bathing, showering, grooming, and several forms of self-massage (facial, fertility, digestive, etc.), as well as during my daily walks. I remain mindful as I perform these tasks that help support my emotional and physical health. As an example, I take my baths and showers in the dark, binaural beats or positive affirmations playing loudly. I close my eyes and ground myself with deep, slow breathing. I take the time to talk to the universe, to God, to pray for what I desire and give thanks for what I already have, seen and unseen. I move slowly and with intent; I take notice of the sounds, smells, and feelings of warmth and cleansing. I carry this intent into my post-bath grooming and in my preparation for bed. 

Laying Meditation:

My final level of daily mediation takes place when I'm in bed, which isn't only just before I go to sleep. I actually spend most of my day in bed, as I work from home and find I am more relaxed and efficient when working in a comfy environment. Several times during the day, especially on busy and potentially stressful days, I take a 5-minute meditation break. Wearing a slumber mask, I listen to binaural beats or positive affirmations while laying down and focusing on my breathing. At bedtime, that 5-minute meditation turns into a 45-minute meditation and soon, sleep.

Notes On Why I Do This:

I don't believe that everything has to be done traditionally, and I don't believe that when things are done in nontraditional ways, they won't be as effective. I believe that each of us has to do what works for us, personally. My advice is to do what makes you feel good and repeat it every single day. This is how I choose to live my life and when I engage in mindful practice, it always works. These medications keep me calm, focused, and vibrating higher, and when I vibrate higher, the people closest to me do, as well.