March's Recommended Course

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This month’s recommended course is one of my favorites! Last March, members saw significant shifts in their overall health and well-being during and after taking this quick course, and by discussing it throughout the month. For the next thirty-one days, we are going to focus on our sense of balance, and that will first come with effective scheduling.

The Science of Scheduling

The first thing you are to do this month is open up your planners, calendars, and notebooks.

  • If you don’t have a planner, check out Simplified Planners and save $10 on your order.

  • Paper calendars are great visual reminders

  • Digital calendars are ideal for pocket-sized reminders, with audio alerts to help keep you on track

  • Notebooks are ideal for list making, doodling, and working out life’s equations


One of the most important aspects of planning and scheduling is to develop baseline standards of productivity and success. Without setting a specific plan in place with a specific desired outcome defined by a completion date, you won't know if you are meeting goals.

Daily Tasks:

Daily scheduling is a way to keep you on track with the activities that lead to success. Starting your day with the intention of getting as much done as possible in a good start. Still, it’s easy to be distracted by impromptu calls, texts, and appointments when you don't block and schedule your time.

Special Events and Projects:

Special events and projects require planning to be successful, whether personal or professional. Timing, resource management, and cash flow are important aspects of special events, and each of these aspects can be better organized with the help calendars, planners, and lists.

Recommended Course:

This course is receiving a complete overhaul this week. So, if you have already purchased the course, you will receive an email when the updates are complete. If you have not purchased this course, you can do so at the new pricing of just $25.

In the interim, we will be talking more about Work/Life Balance all month, with focused blog posts, G3 Live meetings, and an informative webinar.