How to Remove Emotional Blocks and Become Happier

There are times when we feel stuck. There are days, weeks, months, and even years of stagnation that seem to creep up on us over time, making it difficult and even impossible to move forward. We find ourselves unable to think clearly or have an inspiring thought. We find ourselves lying in bed for prolonged periods of time, wondering what we're going to do for the rest of our lives. We wonder how we got here and how the hell we're supposed to get out.

Stop Wanting, Asking, and Expecting from Others

One of the main reasons we find ourselves so unhappy is that we want things we do not have, we ask for things we will never receive, and we expect things that cannot be. If you want to release yourself from emotional and mental stagnation and become a happier person, you absolutely have to let go of it all.

Decide to stop wanting from others and instead, appreciate what you have and can supply for yourself. If you are constantly wanting something or someone else to do or be something, you open yourself up to disappointment when that person doesn't give you what you want or when you don't get what you want, when you want, how you want.

Decide to stop asking of others and instead, depend on yourself for supply. Without wanting from others, there is no asking of others. If you are constantly asking for things, or for someone to do or be something, you open yourself up to the same disappointment you do when wanting from others. Whatever you are about to ask of someone else, try asking it of yourself and giving yourself what you desire.

Decide to stop expecting from others. When there is no wanting, and no asking, there is no expectation.  When you do not expect, you cannot be let down. It is expectation that brings us the most discomfort. In order to find the happiness you've been missing, stop expecting people to be a certain way or to do what you want them to do. Give up expecting any and everyone in your life to be and do what you want. When you let go of expectation, you let go of disappointment.