How to Manifest the Life You'd Rather Be Living

I bet you'd rather be somewhere else, doing something else, or doing what you're doing, only better and bigger. If you are anything like me, no matter your socioeconomic station, you're never satisfied. You always have your sights on the next level up. You have goals and dreams and an idea of what you want your life to look like, and every five years or so, that vision either changes or improves. If you're anything like me, you are never complacent and you will always want more and better. I have never met anyone who didn't want more, no matter how much they already had. This idea of more, this state of dissatisfaction, can be applied to our spiritual, physical, social, professional, personal, familial, and economic lives. And it can be applied to all of these areas at once. So, let me ask you: what does your real life look like?

Can You Feel It?

It is said we are to be mindful, we are not to live in the past, which can leave us sad, or in the future, which can make us anxious. Instead, we should be mindful of every moment, staying present and grateful. All of this is true, but I have to admit, I spend quite a bit of time living in the future and not being anxious about it at all. The difference in this kind of future dwelling and the anxiety-riddled kind all boils down to one word.


Living in the future as a form of manifestation is nothing like living in the future as a form of fear. This isn't a what if I fall on my face during next week's job interview kind of future dwelling. It's an in my real life, I live in this beautiful neighborhood with my loving husband and our adorable children, happy, healthy, and thriving kind of future dwelling. It's about feeling the joy of your real life and not the frustrations of the state in which you're currently living.

The person in your manifestation is not your future self, it is your current self. You're not thinking about things that are going to happen; you are thinking about things that are already happening. Now, all you have to do is show up! 

Just Add You:

That car you already exists. So does that house, career, and body you want. So does that deeper connection with God and the universe. Everything you want already exists and all you have to do it show up to claim it! Unfortunately, we can't just dream about something Monday night and have it Tuesday morning. Miracles from God exempt, we generally have to do some sort of work and meet Him halfway.

Manifestation is part realization and part actualization. First we think, then, we do. When you wake up in the morning, the realization that there is a house, a job, another city or country, a college, or a life partner waiting for you, should be your motivation. As you go about your day, you should do atleast one thing to get a little closer to making your dreams and goals into actuality. Maybe you need to repair your credit, save more money, enroll in night school, take an extra job, conduct a little research, or apply to universities. Whatever it is, whatever needs to be done, you should make one step in that direction every single day.

In Conclusion:

What I'm trying to say here is that your real life already exists, every phase of it, and it's your job to show up. Life has levels and stages. When one stage is over, when we have successfully completed one level, it's time to move on to the next. Everything you want is already waiting for you! Think about it this way: if you don't show up to work or school tomorrow, does that mean there is no work or school? 

Ofcourse not.

Just because you live in a one bedroom apartment, does that mean the house you want to live in isn't already built? Just because you work in a low-level position, does that mean there isn't a higher level position available?

Ofcourse not!

Everything you desire already exists and it already belongs to you. Let that motivate you. Let that get you out of bed in the morning. Let that carry you through your day as you work closer to meeting your manifestation, realizing your goals, and making them actuality. This, my loves, is how you get there.

Be well.

Recommended Manifestation Tools:

  1. Make a (virtual or tangible) dream board
  2. Handwritten notes and lists (in a notebook) of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals
  3. Guided journaling
  4. Guided meditation
  5. Speak it into existence by using present tense verbiage with like-minded spirits