How to Manage Overwhelm


This past week, I hit a wall. My emotional, mental, and physical bandwidth plummeted, and I found it difficult to get as much done as I had in the weeks before. Speaking of the weeks before, I'd been on fire! Blog posts, daily emails, weekly recaps, social media posts, household chores, self-care, fitness, marital relations –– I was getting it all done and doing it well.

And then...nothing.

For the past five days, I have struggled to meet deadlines and stay on top of professional and personal responsibilities, and for most of those days, I felt pretty bad about it. Then, I remember what I have taught all of you in the past couple weeks...

...honor your limitations.

It's funny how that happens –– how we can teach others something we know to be true, and then, not follow our own advice! Even as I write this, I am having a hard time honoring the limitations of my body and mind. I am tired in every way a woman can be tired, but I can't stop, right? I have to keep going. I have to get shit done. I have to crush my goals and see myself to the finish line. Right?


But, maybe, just not right now.



The first thing I had to do was stop and remember what I have learned. This past week, my limitation was exhaustion and depletion, and I needed to honor that. So, our blog posts and 100 Days emails had to suffer, and I had to remind myself that all of you would understand.


Next, I needed to forgive myself for not being a fucking robot. I've done alot really good work in the past year, and I am super proud of everything you and I have built, here at The Gorgeous Girl's Guide. And if I am to continue to be human and transparent with you, I have to let this happen, so that when you hit a wall, you can let it happen, too!


Finally, I rescheduled my life. All the work on this week's schedule has been moved to the weekend, starting today, so that I am on schedule next week! What that means is that you will get your three blog posts and your recap email before Monday, and next week will go on as planned. The point here is that delay is not denial. It's okay to put things off. It's okay to shift your priorities in the name of mental health days and self-care. 

I will not stop. I will keep going. I will get shit done. I will crush my goals and see myself to the finish line.

Right after this break, though.

Elisabeth Ovesen