February's Recommended Practice

Self Care Challenge.png

This month, our focus in on our 28-Day Self Care Challenge, a daily practice intended to help you get out of your energetic rut by introducing new concepts into your everyday life. Most times, we tend to do things the same way, every single day. We have our schedules and our systems. We work them and they work for us, and that’s great!

We don’t want to change any of that.

What we will do this month, is add value to our systems by performing small-yet-meaningful tasks, as well as doing noting at all! This month, we will be very careful not to get so caught up in the work, that we forget to take very good care of ourselves, and sometimes, that means stopping completely.

Balance is the key to health and happiness.

Start the practice, today, and we will discuss your experience with the course during our next G3 Live meeting!

self careElisabeth Ovesen