Create a Major Shift by Taking Responsibility


There are very few things in life that happen to us without our consent. Yes, we cannot control what happens out in the world, but most time, we have the ability to control our involvement in it –– and all of the time, we have the ability to control our thoughts and reactions.

Red Flags:

Red flags are everywhere. There are signs all around that tell you where you should and should not be. There is a gut feeling, an intuition that screams at you when it’s time to leave a situation, to find the nearest exit and create a shift. And then, you talk yourself out of it. You settle. You decide to love yourself a little less everyday and live with a circumstance that doesn't make you happy.

The moment you make this decision, whatever happens next is your fault.


When you ignore red flags, when you go against what you know in your heart is right, you put yourself in danger of experiencing some pretty painful consequences. But, such is life. We are not always going to make the right choices, and no matter what, we must lie in the beds we have made.

The key to living with the consequences is accepting your role and responsibility in what has happened.


It’s time to stop blaming everyone else for what “they’ve done” to you. Instead, it’s time to question how you put yourself in such a position, in the first place! Reverse engineer the problem, go back in time and pinpoint the exact moment you saw or felt the first red flag. That’s the moment you should have walked away. That’s the moment you decided to take on the consequence. Take responsibility, quit playing the victim, and stop giving the power to the person on circumstance that hurt you. None of this would have happened without your consent.

Take the responsibility and being feeling the shift.

self careElisabeth Ovesen