Being Reparative and Preparative at Year's End


As I write this, the end of the year is just five weeks away, and there is a sense of urgency in the air at The Gorgeous Girl's Guide. It has been a year filled with exciting changes for us –– beginnings and endings, plans and goals, aspirations and affirmations. This has been a life-changing journey for me, turning my blog site into a membership site, as well as developing and refining our courses. I have been taking online courses and tuning in to hour-after-hour of webinars, learning how to pivot in my business, and in my personal life. I am doing what I have always taught you all –– I am shifting. And during this shift, hard work is just as necessary as rest, which brings me to the point of this post...

Be Preparative:

In the last weeks of the year, it is absolutely vital that each and every one of you prepare for the year ahead. To do this, open your notebooks and planners, start making your goals plain, and giving yourself deadlines for things that need to be accomplished by the end of this year, things that will set you up for the year to come.

In doing so, it will be important for you to compartmentalize so that you are not overwhelmed. An easy way to do this is to assign weekly goals, or phases, to your plans. For instance:

  • Phase #1:Obtain URL and design website (November 15 - 30)

  • Phase #2:Order stock for store and take product photos (December 1 - 15)

  • Phase #3:Create and launch Facebook ads and sales funnel (December 15 - 21)

  • Phase #4:Advertise locally and launch (December 22 - 31)

Organizing your tasks by phases and within a period of a week or two allows you to compartmentalize and stay focused on your goals, one-by-one, without becoming overwhelmed by the bigger picture. This strategy is a simple way to organize your thoughts and your tasks as you prepare for your personal, professional, and educational projects in the new year.

It is imperative that you use these last few weeks of the year to be preparative. It is easy to get wrapped up in the holiday and vacation spirit of the season, but I urge all my G's to use this time to study, plan, and prepare. While everyone else is busy shopping, eating, partying, and thinking only as far as their next holiday event or dinner, you all need to be hunkering down and getting your end-of-year work done. Tie up loose ends and prepare for first quarter of 2019. Trust me. This is the time.


Be Reparative:

And while you are scheduling your phases and the projects within them, be very mindful of the time you schedule to repair your mind, body, and soul. Doing this will become more and more difficult the busier you get, so it will be especially necessary to schedule two kinds of self-care time.

Nightly Self-Care: 

Two hours before your scheduled bedtime, you should begin your nightly winding down regimen –– and thisis your nightly self-care. When you manage to do this every night, you will have amassed 14 hours of self care, each week! On top of that, the 8 hours of sleep you will get can also be counted as reparative self-care!

Weekly Self-Care:

In addition to your nightly self-care and winding down ritual, make it mandatory that you add a block of self-care time once a week, during a day off from work. This block of time (if not the whole day) should be at least 4 hours –– enough time to see a movie and grab lunch, or have your nails done and have a drink at your favorite lounge. This time is yours; spend it with yourself or with friends, but either way, use this time to repair yourself –– inside and out.

Here's the Point:

This is not the time to lose sight of the goals you set but did not fully execute this year, or of the goals you have set for next year. Do not be distracted. Do not get so caught up in celebrating that you put off planning and preparing for what's to come. And also, don't get so caught up in the preparation that you put off the repair.

Seek balance in these upcoming weeks, and let's welcome all that's good in the coming year.


Elisabeth Ovesen