Back to Center: The Pre-Game


And just like that, I noticed that something was wrong, and had been wrong for a while. I was “doing,” but I wasn’t “feeling.” I haven’t felt totally connected to my work, the way I feel in my relationship, for instance. In my relationship, there is so much passion –– emotional highs and lows that I feel very, very deeply. In other areas of my life…meh! I’m doing what needs to be done, but I am also experiencing a series of roadblocks that I believe are connected to my lack of connection.

If the first step to reaching a goal is envisioning it, followed by feeling as if you have already accomplished it, then how can I reach my first set of 2019 goals if I’m not feeling it? It was time to go back to the drawing board and find my center.

The Pre-Game:

Once I made the decision to recenter, the first thing I did was make a bunch of phone calls in order to tie up loose ends for the week. It was Wednesday night, and I was done! So, I returned calls and shot off emails, letting everyone know I’d be “out of the office” until next week.

Next, I made a list of things I needed and wanted to do in the days ahead. Having been so focused on the outcome of my efforts and not on the meaning of the work itself, I had also been neglecting personal duties and opportunities to connect with myself and my family. On top of that, there was a short but important list of chores and errands I’d been avoiding. So, I added all these things to my list, and included a slew of health and wellness activities, like working out, seeing a movie, and relaxing in the hot tub.

I turned off my ringer, took several deep breaths, and made a list of 10 things to be grateful for, and wrote a few plans for the next day in my planner, just before preparing for bed at 8pm. For the next few days, my only mission was to take care of me, my man, and my son –– and leave everything else to God.

self careElisabeth Ovesen