Back to Center: A Week of Silence


When I began the journey back to my center, I honestly thought it would take (maybe) a week. Nearly two weeks later, I’m not even close to returning back to unbothered. And that’s completely okay. Sometimes, I find myself so far away from myself, that it takes a while to get back to my best self. And so, during this part of the journey, I have to be patient with myself, compartmentalize, and take my steps in phases.

So, this week, I entered my silent phase.

Fridays Off:

To help balance my personal and professional life, I decided to take Fridays off, or to make Fridays my “Fun Days.” What this means is that I would dedicate Monday through Thursday to performing my work tasks, and even if I have to do a little bit of leftover work Friday mornings, I would dedicate the majority of my day to doing something that sets off my pleasure triggers. This helped me to make the first four days of the week more meaningful and concentrated.

Noises Off:

Now that I decided to make Monday through Thursdays my power days, I followed it up by also making them my quiet days! This was amazing. I get my phone to Do Not Disturb, only allowing phone calls form my son, husband, and the front gate, and I ignored everything and everyone else. I loved it.

How You Can Implement This:

If you have an employer, take a look at your work schedule and your days off. Make your workdays your silent days. Focus on getting your work done, while staying on your personal exercise, eating, and sleeping schedule. Keep your phone set to DND, and only allow calls from your VIPs. Stay focused. Do what you need to do and don’t give in to other people who will try to sway your focus. When you make your workdays all about work, you will accomplish more, complete tasks before they’re due, and feel less pressured by deadlines and the end of each day.

And then, when all the work is done, treat your days off as a reward for all the focus and hard work you’ve displayed all week. Catch up on casual pone calls, take yourself out, tend to your self care, go out with the girls –– repair and prepare!

My first week of doing this worked very well for me, and I look forward to doing it again next week, plus, add another level of centering, hoping it gets me closer to my goal of feeling less worried, anxious, and wound up about work and personal affairs. More next week!

self careElisabeth Ovesen