8 Ways to Make Peace with Silence


Transforming your mind is a practice, and as always, we must continuously practice our practices. Here are 8 ways you can incorporate silence into your life on a daily basis.

  1. Turn off your television when you’re not watching it

  2. Take a scenic drive with the radio off, and your phone on silent

  3. Go for a scenic walk without listening to music or podcasts and without talking on the phone

  4. Shut off all your electronics for a set amount of hours each day, like for one or two hours before bed, or first thing in the morning on your days off

  5. Give your children quiet activities, like reading or completing a puzzle, instead of watching TV or playing video games, and reward them for their silence

  6. Make silence a priority in your home by creating “whisper time,” beginning 2 hours before kids’ bedtime and/or yours

  7. Reflect on your goals and tasks for the next day, making note of them in your planner and calendar, while visualizing their accomplishment

  8. While in silence, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and journal them