7 Steps to Personal Peace and Success


Step 1: Make Self-Care a Priority

Everything is connected. There is not one habit that doesn’t affect your body and mind on a daily basis; your job is to make sure all your habits are good ones. This is where self-car comes in. When you do not focus on maintaining a proper diet, drinking 2 to 4 liters of water every day, and sleeping 8 hours per night, your emotions, focus, clarity, and productivity falter.

Step 2: Get Better at What You Do

There many keys to confidence and success, but none as easily obtained than personal and professional improvement. When you are continuously learning and investing in your improvement, you become better at what you do. Continuous improvement means that your business is destined to thrive, and you make yourselves a force to reckon with in your position at work. Continuous professional improvement comes with continuous financial gain, which translates into more freedom, choices, and self—sufficiency.

Step 3: Take Pride in Your Presentation

The way you present yourself to the world is a reflection of your state of mind, grasp on your well-being, intellectual and comprehensive depth, and overall self-awareness. Your energy, work, and words make a difference. Be sure to always present your very best self in everything from texts and emails, to professional projects and personal obligations.

Step 4: Take Only New Missteps

Take note of the activities and conversations that make you feel terrible inside. In fact, make a list of the people, places, and things that make you feel icky. Look at that list. That is the list of things you need to remove from your life, immediately. Anything that disrupts your peace is a misstep. Don’t take the same ones over-and-over; it’ll only make you feel badly over-and-over.

Step 5: Stay in Your Power

The only way to get through Step 4, is to invoke this step. Staying in your power starts with only doing what makes you feel good, and saying no to everything else. Set boundaries for yourself and for others, and stick to them. Allowing people to do whatever they want with your time, space, and energy will set you up for failure every single time.

Step 6: Let it Go

Anyone who has the power to make you feel angry or bitter, owns you. If you want real peace, you absolutely have to let that shit go. What has happened, has happened. The past has passed. Let go of the trauma and quit letting it drag you for days, weeks, months, or years. You’re not holding them captive, you know. Your only prisoner here is you.

Step 7: Do The Work

There is someone you want to be. There is a place you want to live and work. There is a business you want to run, no matter how small. There are places you want to go, things to see. In order for you to be, do, or have any of this, you’re going to have to work for it. Everyday, you’ll need to do atleast one thing to bring you closer to your goals. Do everything on purpose, with purpose!