5 Week Tweak: Week #5 –– Forward Focus


Repair yourself by taking time away from the noise, and then, realign with who you really are, your core desires, and goals. Prepare to meet those desires and goals by making lists and scheduling tasks, and then, forward focus.

Everyone has dreams. Only some people apply a plan to those dreams and turns them into goals.And even fewer people employ the sort of focus it takes to turn one’s goals into a reality.

Week #5: Forward Focus

One thing I know for sure is that when I develop a plan, focus on that plan, and do what it takes to execute it, the end goal becomes mine. This has never failed. Ever. One of the main reasons most people never accomplish anything worth while, is that they can’t keep their eyes on the prize –– they are easily distracted by all the noise, as well as the pitfalls of the process. Most people have a hard time cutting out the constant small talk with friends and family members who have nothing to contribute but chaos and empty chatter. Most people have a hard time disconnecting from social media, and instead, waste hours each day, just scrolling. Many people have a hard time accepting that, in order to turn dreams into goals, and goals into reality, it takes a long period of planning and incubation –– and that it’s not going to be easy or fast.


This Week’s Practice:

Shut it down. Close your self-care bubble with only your kids, significant other, and most valuable relationships inside. Delete all social media apps from your phone and leave it on DND (do not disturb), so that you won’t hear it when it rings. need to make sure your VIP’s make it through? Add them to your favorites (if you have an iPhone). Buy atleast one book on the subject you are most obsessed about, a book that will help you learn more about your goal. Watch documentaries and movies about it. Focus. Focus. Focus. Add in some serious self-care, but whatever you do, DO NOT open that self-are bubble until you have accomplished your goals. Seriously. I don’t care if it takes a full year or three –– you will NOT be distracted my nonsense. This is how you get shit done.

This Week’s Mantra:

self careElisabeth Ovesen