5 Week Tweak: Week #3 –– Prepare


You’ve repaired, you’ve realign, and now, it’s time to prepare! Kids are off to school next week and in the weeks after. And when they get there, their teachers are going to tell them what to expect, and when. Every teacher has honed his or her lesson plan over the summer, and each of them are coming back prepared.

What about you?

Week #3: Prepare

Do you have your fall and winter goals set, organized, and written down? Are you ready for the new year, because believe it or not, it’s right around the corner. And before that, there’ll be holidays –– Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah…oh, my! How about your new schedule? There will be lots of office holiday parties and events, maybe a couple birthdays, weddings, and births. You’ve got gifts to buy, a winter trip to take, and lots of budgeting to do. let’s not forget, you’ve gotta do all of this while keeping your credit scores high!


This Week’s Practice:

The best way to prepare for what is to come is to first write is all down. So, now is a good time to crack open your planner. Need a new one? Save $10 on an Academic Simplified Planner. Plug in all the appointments and tasks that are set in stone over the next few months, as well as birthdays, parties, and special events. Each evening, jot down what needs to be done the next day, and check off what’s been done that day. Don’t forget to add your monthly living expenses to your planner, as well, and add everything to your digital calendars with reminders. And while you’re at it, set aside your nightly and weekly reparative time!

[HINT] Be sure to keep a separate planner for work and leave it on your desk or station. Also, be sure to add your kids’ and partner’s schedule in your planner if their schedule effects yours (ie, pick-ups, drop-offs, etc.)

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This Week’s Mantra


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