3 Ways to Train Your Subconscious


Life is life, and anything is bound to happen. In life, however, it’s not about what happens, but how you react to what happens –– and in order to handle life’s circumstances with grace and dignity, you’ve gotta put mind over matter. Still, most people are really bad at this, and that’s because they haven’t practiced much of what we cover at The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide, and they haven’t trained their minds. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Precise Affirmations

Practice being clear about who you are. Include descriptive adjectives that make your affirmations come alive in your mind. Do this daily, and speak as if these things are already true, even if you don’t feel they are, yet. When you do this, your mind will act in accordance to these beliefs.

Detailed Visualizations

Practice being succinct about what you want. Include dates, times, places, people, and more descriptive adjectives that make your visualizations part of your reality. Thank God for them as if they have happened already because, in a way, the already have –– you just can’t see them, yet!

Affirming Meditations

Practice being silent and still, letting thoughts come and go from your mind, holding onto nothing, being in your body, and in the now. This is a very powerful practice, training your brain to transcend whatever may be happening around you, including all the noise in your mind.

self careElisabeth Ovesen