3 Steps to Cutting Ties with a Fake Friend

In life, we will come face-to-face with tins when some of the people we have thought of as friends, people who believe they really are friends, prove themselves to be anything but. Many times, we forgive these people when they have crossed the line, betraying that friendship, giving them chance after chance, hoping they never hurt us, again. Then, they do. Eventually, we would have had our fill and the only way to demand our respect is not to stick around waiting for it, but to walk away and find it elsewhere. This is not easy for us to do, but it is absolutely necessary. Most people you meet are not meant to be in your life forever, or very long for that matter. Also, most people don't really want to be in your life; they just want to be in your business. Knowing that, you will have to make better decisions moving forward and do a bit of spring cleaning, right now. Here's how:

1. Go Silent

When your fake friend says or does whatever it is that breaks the camel's back, do not respond. No matter what they say or do, no matter how many phone calls, text messages, and emails they send, do nothing. No matter how many social media messages or visits to your home, do nothing. Do not answer that door. Do not answer that call. Let them sit with their actions. Even when or if the apologize, do nothing. Stick to your guns. You teach people how to treat you and you have to show this person that what they have done is not okay, and is punishable by your absence.

2. Block & Delete

When you've had enough of this fake friend trying to get your attention, or if you want to dodge them from the very beginning, proceed to blocking and deleting them completely from your phone, email, and social media accounts. Retract all access and do not go back on this decision.

3. Forget About It

When you are really done with someone, not only do you not want to talk to them, but you also don't want to talk about them. Their energy is bad and carrying that around with you in conversation is just as bad as carrying them around with you everywhere you go. So, forget about it. Once you have made the honest decision to remove this person from your life, there is no reason to harp on the decision or the cause of it. 

Getting rid of someone you may have trusted over the years may not be easy, but it may be time. If this person takes advantage of your weakness, your kindness, and your forgiveness, they are no good for you. If they pitch a fit when they don't get what they want or expect from you, and lash out with the intent to hurt you, they have to go. If you have given them too many chances to count and they still show you this side of them, give them no more chances. Take the path of least resistance and allow people like this to cut themselves out of your life and stop trying to save them.

Save yourself, instead.