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The Gorgeous Girl's Guide
Because beauty is a lifestyle, not a product.
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What is It?

The G3 School provides self-care tutorials and courses to our readers. Each one is designed to help solve a problem and enhance your daily life. In the past three years, over 45,300 people have signed up for our tutorials and courses, with The Clear Course being our most popular.

How Much Does it Cost?

On similar websites, readers pay for each individual course, costing them hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Our aim is to make the information and help available to all our members for just one low price. All our tutorials and email courses are included with your site-wide membership! 

How Do I Enroll?

Select any of the courses below. You will be taken to a sign-up form. Fill it out, send it off, and you're in! 


Starting from Scratch

What Is Starting From Scratch?

Starting from Scratch is a simple set of instructions, checklists and information designed to get you and your family off on the right foot. Before we begin cooking together, it is imperative you toss out as much unhealthy, processed foods as possible. 

After you have tossed those icky, harmful, prepackaged items from your pantry and refrigerator, we will help you replace them with healthier substitutes by giving you a basic shopping list you can use each week when at the grocer and farmer's market.

What Can I Expect?

Initially, tossing (or donating) the foods you have grown accustomed to eating over the entire course of your life will seem nearly impossible. Starting from Scratch in the beginning of a different way of thinking, eating, and living. The majority of your eating habits were passed down and formed during your more formative years, have stayed with you, and you are now passing them on to your family. If you are a healthy, clean, natural, and/or organic eater, then, you are passing along wonderful habits that ensure better health for you and your loved ones. If you are indulging in processed, canned, boxed, and fast foods, then, you passing down a legacy of high sodium, unnatural preservatives, poisons, unhealthy fats, and a plethora of inevitable health issues. Starting from Scratch will start you on the road to better food choices and, therefore, better cooking practices.


28 Day Self Care Challenge

What Is the Self Care Challenge?

Our 28 Day Self Care Challenge is a daily reminder to take good care of yourself. Each day, for 28 days, you will receive an email with a new challenge, something you can do to discover peace and stability, to rearrange your life, end bad habits, and start new, healthy ones. The challenges are simple but important and each is meant for either one day or all days. It's up to you! 

What Can I Expect?

One day after you have signed up, you will receive your first challenge, then, each day after that for 28 days. We recommend you complete your daily challenge before the next one arrives and that you try your best to repeat some of the challenges, making them healthy habits.



Work/Life Balance

What is the Work/Life Balance Sheet?

For those of you who own businesses or have the ability to do your jobs from home, it can be extremely difficult to know how to a balance your schedules, to know when to start and stop working, when to take breaks and when to schedule your personal time.

What Can I Expect? 

Included are a work, personal time, lunchtime, bedtime, and fitness scheduling tips. This quick guide is just a template to help you find your best, most effective work schedule, allowing plenty of time for sleep and personal time. It is based on a five day workweek, leaving you the evenings and weekends for unwinding and tending to personal affairs and asks you to create cathartic rituals like cooking dinner with your friends and/or family every night or fitting in a workout before lunch.


Letting Peace Find You


What is Letting Peace Find You?

Letting Peace Find You is a 12-day email course designed to help you begin to allow peace to find you right where you are. Each day, you will receive a different practice to incorporate into your routine and implement well after the course has ended.

What Can I Expect?

Before any of us can master any outside, worldly practices, we must first master ourselves and out internal practices. If we cannot allow peace to find us, even when we can't seem to find it, we will never have happiness and success––we will always be worried, stressed, and unable to enjoy the simplest joys in life. When you are truly satisfied with life and all it has to offer, when you have accepted yourself and the world around you as-is, you will stop fighting and start living, appreciating everything, afraid of nothing, and wanting to share this joy with others. Having a sense of peace at all time, changes everything and these 12 steps are an effective way to get started.


35 Self Care Mantras

What are the Self Care Mantras?

These 35 Self Care Mantras are tried and true quotes from The Gorgeous Girl's Guide's founder, Karrine Steffans, that prove to be helpful as you go through your every day. These pearls of wisdom and important reminders may be ideas you've never thought of or things you may have forgotten. One simple email can perk you up and pull you out of an emotional decent, it can give you hope, and set you free. No matter where you are in life and no matter what your day is like, each mantra is helpful and useful, and should be repeated, practiced, and applied to your daily life.

What Can I Expect?

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with your first mantra. Read it and repeat it. Refer to it throughout the day. Commit it to memory. It will come in handy, we promise. For thirty-five days, you will get one of these mantras in your inbox. This is a repetition course. The idea is to create a better, different way of thinking about things, forming new mental and emotional habits through these encouraging self care mantras. They are practical knowledge and with practical application, they can quickly become a part of your life.


Credit Strengthener

Copy of Write Your Memoir.png

What is the Credit Strengthener?

Throughout the year, each member of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide is encouraged to improve her credit score, which can only help her inch ever closer to her goals of business and home ownership. Our Credit Strengthener is a simple five-step tutorial to help new and existing members get started along their credit improvement journey. 

Included with these first five steps, are five tips to give you an edge while gaining or regaining the credit you will need to build and rebuild your life.


What Can I Expect from the Credit Strengthener?

The Gorgeous Girl's Guide recommends a tried-and-true credit fixing program, a program that has worked for every member who has tried it. We share this secret with you because we know it works, and we want to see you win. Most members will see significant changes within their first round of credit fixes. Many have seen a 70 to 115 point improvement in just the first six weeks! In the last six months of the year, all member are urged to focus on their credit in preparation for the new year, and our Credit Strengthener is guaranteed to help.


The Clear Course:

What is the Clear Course?

The first stage of creating a home that welcomes new, better relationships, discards old, bad ones, and improves the longterm ones, is the clearing of the stale, stagnant energies that are blocking your blessings! Many times, when you are feeling stuck in life it is because you are stuck at home. After all, home is where you begin and end your day! Home is where you decide how your day will begin and end and most people are, frankly, doing it wrong. The G3 Clear Course will help you get it right!


What Can I Expect from the Clear Course?

During the next eight weeks, you will clear the energy in your home and start your life over, again. You will become unstuck and unblock a multitude of blessings that have been waiting for you! Because we understand you're a very busy person with tons of responsibilities, you will receive just one task per week. Each week, you will receive a new step, something to try, and instructions and advice on how to accomplish it all! There will be seven steps to this process and, on the eighth week, you will receive a bonus task, which will help you and someone you love!

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