Review: Just Mayo: Vegan Mayonnaise

As the Story Goes:

I was at my local grocers, in the vegan aisle, picking up my usual mayonnaise––Vegenaise. A man who I believed to be a manager was standing right in front of the mayo with a cart, talking to another employee, so I asked him to please pass the mayo.

As if it were a commercial, he passed the Vegenaise and automatically questioned if I'd tried their latest addition to the aisle, Just Mayo.


I told him I was afraid to try new things, especially in the vegan department because many companies just get it wrong. Not all vegan mayos taste like mayo and I was not in the mood to be disappointed. I was making chicken salad later that day and there was no room to err.

"Try it!"

He proceeded to tell me that if I didn't like it, I could always return it to the store for a full refund. Okay. He got me. So, I bought one jar of Just Mayo and my usual jar of Vegenaise for back-up.

Excited, I opened the jar when I got home, and slid my finger around the inside of its rim, gathering just enough mayo to get a good idea of its taste, but not enough to make me sick if this new mayo didn't pass my taste test.


The Review:

It was good! In comparison to Vegenaise, Just Mayo also tastes like traditional mayonnaise. I find it to be more pungent than its counterpart, however. I guess you can say it's more mayo-y, which is not a bad thing at all. I think it's more reminiscent of homemade mayonnaise, for that reason.

The prices between the two are comparable and if I had to choose between them, I would choose Just Mayo. I think it added more flavor to my chicken salad! 

Why Vegan Mayo:

As you can see by the beef and pork meatball recipe just below this review, I am not vegan. However, I do my best to reduce the amount of dairy and raw egg products my family consumes. The reason for this is that dairy and raw eggs promote phlegm in the body, which promotes sickness.

When viruses like the common cold enter your body and are looking for a nice, warm, wet place to set up shop, excess phlegm serves as a five-star resort. Yes, just like the Mucinex commercials.

So, we stay away from traditional mayos. Also, the other crap that's in traditional mayonnaise is just plain scary. Compare ingredients!