Ivy at the Shore: Los Angeles: Lobster Salad with Avocado and Papaya on Butter Lettuce

Last week, I had lunch with colleagues to discuss an upcoming Red Card For Child Labour event, hosted by Hans Zimmer and Constance Thomas, Director of International Labour Organization International Program.

It was a beautiful day in Santa Monica and a perfect day for the Ivy At The Shore. To begin, I ordered a Belini, then, took a look at the menu. I'd already eaten a very large, late breakfast and was only interested in having a salad.

Nothing fancy. 

I saw the word papaya  and knew this particular salad was for me. I saw the word avocado and knew this salad would agree with my palette. I saw the word lobster and freaked the fuck out.

These three things, together, in a salad was like some sort of porn where all my favorite things lay on a bed of butter lettuce, barely touching each other.

Now, I am determined to recreate this at home.