Ts Madison

A good friend of mine, Noah Levy, insisted I meet TS Madison on Twitter, just a couple weeks before I recorded my interview with her, and I instantly liked her. I mean, the T-girl's got spunk...and a penis. What's not to like? She is brash and forthcoming, open and honest about her past as a prostitute and porn star, but is also just as open and honest about her present day life as a comic and RuPaul's Drag Race alum. She keeps me in stitches; she is always funny and always real. I knew this episode was going to be fun and unforgettable.

Madison and I have an undeniable chemistry and I look forward to having her back on The G3 Podcast, and to working with her on other projects. She has a voice that deserves to be heard and I am so happy to have met another person who is just as unafraid of their truths as I am. Madison is shocking. She snags all the attention and, when she has it, she says what needs to be said.

This is the first episode wherein I allowed callers to be patched through and ask questions. When giving advice to them, Madison was endearing, sweeter than my brand of tough love, that's for sure. It's her vast experience with some very ugly things that lends her this heart and spirit of perseverance. She cares about people, she understands the plights of others, and loves women. 

From what I can gather during our recorded and private conversations, before and after the show, Madison wants women to get it together, to stop allowing men to take advantage of them and for all women to enjoy their men, but focus on their coins. She is sexually empowering, not just to the LGBT community, but to all us heteros with most of the same exact issues.

She isn't confused about who she was, is, and will be, and she doesn't want you to be, either. As her most infamous quote states, "Be yourself, bitch. Step your pussy up, honey. Get a job. Own a business, bitch. Suck a dick!"

Gotta love Madison.

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