From the moment Lizzo walked into the studio, I knew we'd be friends. I could tell automatically that she has a huge heart. She is open, honest, and learned. This episode ran longer than every other episode because I could talk to Lizzo forever. It didn't feel as if we were in a studio, with microphones and a producer. It felt, instead, as if we were having a girls night in –– except it was broad daylight and instead of a bottle of wine, there was water and coffee. As a woman who is comfortable in her skin, she oozes confidence and knowledge of self. I like that. Confident women draw me in and always impress me.

I can't say that everything in this episode is politically correct and I'm happy about that. It was nice to not worry too much about my sponsors and just have a natural, honest conversation with another woman, forgetting that thousands of people would be listening to this podcast. It's a gab fest, but there are so many gems in the rhetoric.

We covered the gamete, from sexism to ageism, butt implants, wearing no pants, abortions and breast feeding, the sexual marketing of female pop and rap stars, emotional and societal slavery, self care, black boy joy, black girl magic, on and on and on.

I swear, I could talk to Lizzo forever. 

There are a lot more conversations in our future, and I am looking forward to each and every single last one of them. From this conversation, I am happy to report that Lizzo has taken some of my self care suggestions like those found on this website. Now, I text her self care product suggestions on the daily. Each one teach one. This is what women were built to do. Let's all do it for each other, every single day.



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