John Salley

I have known John Salley for sixteen years, and in that time, we have both had many lives. But through all the ups and down, trials and tribulations, I have always been happy to see Salley right by my side. He is, in all sincerity, a true and honest friend. For all that he is, I love this man. This man, has my back. So, when I sat down with him for this episode of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide to... I wanted to let the world listen in on our genuine love and friendship. I wanted you to listen to us share with and about each other in a way no one else could. And I think we did just that.

Salley has always inspired me to be better, and to this day, we remind each other of our teaching moments over the years––like the time he towered over me in my bathroom and said, "Stress causes cancer in the body." I was going through a messy relationship, which turned into a messy marriage, and an even messier divorce. I was stressed and wasn't doing very well, at all. But that one simple sentence that showered down onto the top of my head from the fullness of his lips, stuck with me. That statement is part of the seed that started The Gorgeous Girl's Guide.

What I knew for sure was that I didn't want to be sick. I knew I wanted to be healthy and live long, and to live that long life as stress-free as possible. Well, as life would have it, the stresses kept coming, but over the years I learned how to deal with and recover from them better and faster. Salley has also been a part of that transition for me. I can always count of him to knock on my door with a stick of incense, a joint, and a bottle of wine to help me recalibrate and move forward. The talks we've had have been life changing and our friendship, invaluable.

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