Judge Faith Jenkins

To sit across from and be in conversation with Judge Faith Jenkins was a delight, to say the very least. Instantly, I felt as if I was having coffee with an old girlfriend to shoot the breeze about how challenging and glorious being a woman is and can be. The conversation flowed easily as we kept it light but pertinent––she didn't want to talk about politics and I never do, so it was all going to work out fine. By the end of the hour, I was so happy to have met Judge Faith and already looking forward to our next conversation.

I love that Judge Faith is not what some people would expect to see behind the bench, and I love that she earned every single bit of it. She talked about taking baby steps to where she is, as we discussed how many people believe they are predisposed to an unsuccessful life based on their surroundings, and how wring they are.

We talked about the magic of New York City, where she served as a prosecutor. We talked a bit about the importance of personal branding on social media, garnering attention versus garnering respect, and thinking about the future before posting.

We talked and we talked and I could have talked to her for hours. Judge Faith is inspiring, she is living proof that beauty and brains can inhabit the same space and succeed. It would be my pleasure to welcome her back, any time.

podcastElisabeth Ovesen